KONE Capsule Lift 01

(630kg, 800kg, 1050kg)
1.0m/s, 1.6m/s, 1.75m/s

Observation Plane

Façade large ground observation.

External decoration Material

Coated steel plate, hairline stainless steel, mirror stainless steel.

External Decoration Lighting


Car Wall
Glass, coated steel plate, hairline stainless steel (see P28 “Car material configuration table” for detail)

Car Door Type
Standard door (center open), Glass door (center open)

Car door material
Coated steel plate, laminated steel plate… (see P28 “Car material configuration table” for detail)

Car ceiling
ZCL-DS12, ZCL-GS08, ZCL-GS16, ZCL-DS13, ZCL-GN04, ZCL-GN06, ZCL-GS06, ZCL-GN02, ZCL-GN03, ZCL-SS06, ZCL-SS08, ZCL-SN03, ZCL-SS07, ZCL-CN01 (null), ZCL-CN08 (null). (Car ceiling shown in the picture: ZCL-GN03)

Façade hairline stainless steel round handrail

PVC stone floor, concave car bottom (3-25 mm), parquet floor. (parquet show in the picture: ZDC-001)

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