Property Lifts  Ltd. provides passenger elevator, panoramic elevator, freight elevator, hydraulic elevator, car elevator, bed elevator, home elevator, escalator, moving walk and three dimensional parking system etc. And actively explore the international market, the products are sold in Germany, France, Italy, Russia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Japan, Sweden, Denmark, Indonesia, Jordan, Iran, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Malaysia, Portugal, Ukraine, Greece, Thailand, Mexico Bulgaria, Brazil, New Zealand, Colombia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Canada, Kuwait, Angola and South Africa, 46 countries and regions.



  1. The brake switch is a necessary condition for speed curve whether be given, if startup, brake switch no action, the speed curve will not be given, the motherboard will be protect after 3 seconds.
  2. Car stops, when detected brake switch has not reset, motherboard.
  1. Low-speed PI adjust not probable, car slide causing paused sense. Please tune large segment of zero speed or low-speed segment P when frequency transformer I unit as time, reduce vale I of zero speed or low speed, when frequency transformer I unit as counter down, increase zero speed or low speed value I to improve the response of the system.
  2. Start timing mismatch can also cause paused sense.
  3. Motor parameters are set improperly, will cause paused sense. Motor parameters transit and no-load current set improperly, will have some impact on the elevator, please make motor self-learn if possible.
  4. Car guide shoes too tight can also cause paused sense, appropriately loosen the guide shoe.
  5. Occasions pre-load, load compensation is not adjusted, can also cause the boot pause sense, please adjust weighing device.
  6. Analog bias is set properly, can lead to a non-zero speed start to generate phase sense.


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